デブ メタル ボーイズのナイチンLight Flight / Lullaby
多感な思春期に洋楽に出会ってから変わった人と反体制な音楽に出会い性格が捻れ、band/club/野外などで遊びながらか〜な?人生が狂いだし90年代から友達と小ちゃなpartyを始めて自然にrecordを回す様になり、気が付けば魔のendlessハメ殺しな感じで現在もplay!色んな所でpartyをやりましたが全て失敗(笑)隔月で行っている恵比寿enjoy!house【Light Flight】は現在進行中で20年位やってます。nu-house/nu-discoを中心にgoodなunderground dance musicをpray♫deb metal氏とのユニット『デブ メタル ボーイズ』でeditや曲を作ってます。
Naichin MIX
    Escapism Mix (Vinyl only Mix)

  • Track ListMIX upload:2020/8/20
  • 1. techno powers(dj Harvey remix)/a man called adam
    2. the motive/the mephisto odyssey
    3. grace/nancy azzurro
    4. miss world(soultourist remix)/6th borough project
    5. trust(the backwoods remix)/vahagn
    6. give it all up/jonny cade
    7. holding bay/guy contact
    8. converge/grant
    9. all about love/kneedeep
    10. dektro/clifford
    11. disco puff/signal st
    12. natural bliss/soul clap
    13. high clouds/little big bee
    14. porchlight and rocking chairs(kink remix)/jimpster
    15. fluid/cosmo & kramer
    Utopia Chill Lounge Mix vol.2(Vinyl only Mix)

  • Track ListMIX upload:2020/7/19
  • 1. gonna be alright / yse saint laur’ant
    2. où Est La Femme? / louise vertigo
    3. dieu reconnaitra les siens / dj cam
    4. buddhaの休日(instrumental) / buddha brand
    5. he’s mine / late nite tuff guy
    6. got ‘til it’s gone(nellee hooper master mix) / janet ft q-tip & joni mitchell
    7. modulor(dj com no protection remix) / air
    8. chef inspector / wally badarou
    9. 6 months(patrick holland’s mix) / moon king
    10. warm wind brewing / yse saint lau’rant
    11. can’t get enough / beard in dust
    12. higher / two another
    13. cyan / darius
    Light Flight(Vinyl only mix)

  • Track ListMIX upload:2020/5/4
  • 1.the girl with the flaxen hair/isao tomita future/dany dorado
    3.hooked(crimea x remix)/luca baldini
    4.simmering down/jimpster
    6.loading/silver city
    7.let me rock you/dedication
    8.members of the clap/trickski & soul clap
    9.make me feel it/heavy deviance
    10.echo beach/soul mekanik ft isabelle antena
    11.floatation(prins thomas miks)/the grid
    12.preben goes to acapulco(prins thomas remix)/todd terje
    13.problem(enzo elia afro neukolln edit)/now now now
    Utopia chill lounge mix(Vinyl only Mix)

  • Track ListMIX upload:2020/5/3
  • 1.slateo/idjut boys &l aj
    2.ever changing bubbles(deep88 balearic mix)/dj rocca & leo almunia
    3.listen/homicide mcbride
    4.india/tony adams
    5.kanasando(buddha mix)/ryukyu underground
    6.rock your baby/emerson kitamura ft mmm
    7.awa/wally badarou
    8.that’s my beach/jex opolis telecabine/caia
    10.i don’t even if shouid call you(dance)/soul family sensation
    11.fairplay(12″mix)/soul Ⅱ soul
    12.fand a way/a tribe called quest
    13.sittin’in in my car/slick rick ft doug e fresh
    14.that’s the way/late nite tuff gay
    15.castles in the sky/luvless & martin hayes
    Slow to utopia(Vinyl only mix)

  • Track ListMIX upload:2020/4/23
  • 1.I love what do/dead rose music company
    2.bez tego i owego/holiday 80
    3.just as bad as you/yse saint laur’ant
    4.hands up in the air/late nite tuff guy 2 love/late nite tuff guy’s so exciting/boys from patagpnia
    7.just good to me(the revenge electric dub)/the revenge’ll never know/dean sunshine smiyh
    10.heat control(henry’s remix)/bella technika
    11.keep on running/d-pulse rose music company
    13.all night dub/cole medina
    14.highest mountain/beard in dust
2013年よりc-les streaming(快活音芸集団放送) へ名称変更と共に統括に就任。
  • MessageMIX upload:2020/5/9